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    Radiant Bliss: The Golden City
Radiant Bliss: The Golden City

Golden city

Canvas print

stretched on a wooden frame

ready to hang


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Art Description

Dive into a realm of unbridled joy and embrace the limitless happiness it radiates. This entrancing artwork beautifully encapsulates the effervescent smile of a woman, infusing the canvas with an aura of positivity and exuberance.


As your gaze engages with the painting, you'll find yourself transported to a mesmerizing world where happiness knows no bounds. The woman's infectious smile serves as a testament to the sheer bliss that dwells within her, offering a gentle reminder to seek joy in every moment of life.


Yet, there's more to behold - the backdrop unveils the resplendent Golden City, bathed in a shimmering, golden hue. This enchanting metropolis stands as a symbol of boundless potential and the realization of dreams. Its radiant beauty imparts a touch of magnificence to the artwork, elevating the overall sense of wonder and awe.

About Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are printed on a high quality 100% cotton gloss canvas material which is 300GSM. Gloss cotton canvas offers fantastic colour reproduction.


All prints are coated with a quality protective coating which protects against moisture, UV and dust.


Stretcher bar are used quality kiln dried width are 3cm in depth. The raised lip around the outside of the stretcher frame protects the print from pressing onto the frame and becoming dented with the outline of the frame edges.


All mounted prints are stretched and stapled onto the wooden stretcher frame. The staples are then covered and finished with a tape to minimise the scratching of painted walls during hanging and to give an overall better finish.


***  Please note: Estimated delivery time is 10 - 14 working days  ***

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