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From my sunlit Sydney studio, I create a world of whimsical abstraction. As a passionate artist and educator, I've spent a lifetime speaking the language of colour and form. Painting isn't just a job – it's my daily ritual, my source of endless energy, and a way to connect with the world, both within and without.


Inspiration is everywhere: the playful spirit of animals, nature's breathtaking beauty, the connections I share with others, and treasured memories that dance in my mind. But it's the vibrant interplay of colors, shapes, and movement that truly sets my creative spark ablaze.


My artistic toolbox is overflowing. I love to experiment with mixed media – oils, acrylics, charcoal, inks – to create layers of texture and unique styles. Each piece becomes a meditation, a response to the world's beauty and the rich cultural essence of Australia, a place I now call home.


I strive for a captivating balance. My paintings pulsate with life, yet possess a calming serenity. This introspective approach yields artwork that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also profoundly unique.


Collectors and viewers often remark on my ability to capture the extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. This gift fuels my passion to create unforgettable pieces that evoke a deep emotional connection between objects and human experience. My work embraces a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics, blurring the lines between the figurative and abstract, the real and imagined.


An Unwavering Commitment to Growth: My artistic journey has been a continuous exploration. Holding a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Omsk State University (with First Class Honours) laid the foundation for my rewarding 14-year career as a Fine Arts lecturer at the same institution.


To further refine my craft, I embarked on an enriching journey, participating in Advanced Master Courses at the prestigious Repin State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg and the V.I. Surikov State Academic Art Institute in Moscow.


Sharing the Joy of Art: Since 2005, Australia has been my artistic home. Here, I established Yelena Art Studio – Workshop in Bondi (NSW), where I guide students in mastering depth, tone, and light in their artistic pursuits. Witnessing their achievements in art competitions fills me with immense pride.


The Ever-Evolving Artist:I believe constant exposure to diverse artistic expressions has shaped me into the artist I am today. With a heart overflowing with passion, my ultimate goal is to prioritise the quality of my work, pouring a piece of myself into every creation.

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