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    Modern Abstract Artwork:
Modern Abstract Artwork:

Harmonious Complexity

Canvas print

stretched on a wooden frame

ready to hang


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Art Description

In "Harmonious Complexity," I unveil a world where the familiar bends and transforms, inviting you to dance between order and chaos. Driven by the surreal visions of Picasso, Dali, and Escher, I weave a dreamscape where clock faces melt, chessboards morph into bustling worlds, and metallic birds take flight against a twilight sky.

Each brushstroke speaks to my fascination with the intricate dance between order and chaos. Geometric patterns anchor the composition, their clean lines offering a sense of structure. Yet, they interweave with whimsical organic forms, gears sprout from trees, and a pocket watch succumbs to time's relentless flow.

The vibrant colors are my orchestra, conducting your emotions. Fiery oranges ignite curiosity, while calming blues lull you into contemplation. Each hue contributes to the captivating dissonance, where harmony emerges from the unexpected.

But "Harmonious Complexity" is more than just a visual spectacle. It's an invitation to explore. What stories do the miniature worlds whisper? What secrets does the melting clock hold? As you navigate the labyrinthine details, let your imagination soar. Discover your own meaning, your own interpretation of the dance between chaos and order.

About Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are printed on a high quality 100% cotton gloss canvas material which is 300GSM. Gloss cotton canvas offers fantastic colour reproduction.


All prints are coated with a quality protective coating which protects against moisture, UV and dust.


Stretcher bar are used quality kiln dried width are 3cm in depth. The raised lip around the outside of the stretcher frame protects the print from pressing onto the frame and becoming dented with the outline of the frame edges.


All mounted prints are stretched and stapled onto the wooden stretcher frame. The staples are then covered and finished with a tape to minimise the scratching of painted walls during hanging and to give an overall better finish.


***  Please note: Estimated delivery time is 10 - 14 working days  ***

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