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    The Fragmented Perception: Abstract Human Figure in Blues and Greens
The Fragmented Perception: Abstract Human Figure in Blues and Greens

The Fragmented Perception

Canvas print

stretched on a wooden frame

ready to hang


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Art Description

In "The Fragmented Perception," I shatter the traditional portrait, inviting you to peer into the kaleidoscope of the human experience. No longer a unified whole, the figure dissolves into a mosaic of blues and greens, each piece meticulously detailed with unique textures and patterns.

Gaze into the eyes, rendered with hyper-realistic precision amidst the abstract landscape. They act as a portal, drawing you into the depths of the fragmented self. White lines, like cracks in a mirror, dance across the canvas, separating and connecting the individual pieces. They hint at the underlying unity, the thread that binds us despite our fractured selves.

More than just an image, "The Fragmented Perception" is a mirror reflecting your own complexities. Explore the interplay of organic and geometric shapes, each representing a facet of our multifaceted selves. Let the fragmented pieces spark your imagination, prompting you to contemplate the complexities of identity, perception, and the ever-shifting nature of experience.

About Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are printed on a high quality 100% cotton gloss canvas material which is 300GSM. Gloss cotton canvas offers fantastic colour reproduction.


All prints are coated with a quality protective coating which protects against moisture, UV and dust.


Stretcher bar are used quality kiln dried width are 3cm in depth. The raised lip around the outside of the stretcher frame protects the print from pressing onto the frame and becoming dented with the outline of the frame edges.


All mounted prints are stretched and stapled onto the wooden stretcher frame. The staples are then covered and finished with a tape to minimise the scratching of painted walls during hanging and to give an overall better finish.


***  Please note: Estimated delivery time is 10 - 14 working days  ***

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